Katharine Church 1910-1999. A Life In Colour, The Later Years

Text John Duncalfe. Foreword, Vivienne Light MA FRSA Katharine Church 1910-1999.  A Life In Colour, The later Years  ISBN 978-0-9567177-3-3 The Dorset & Bloomsbury connected painter. This 288 page hardback book shown with 200 oils & watercolour colour illustrations, + photo

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Moila Powell Born 1895, Died 1994

Moila Powell with John Duncalfe at the Harborough Gallery, one man show 1978 This expressionist painter with a distinguished Irish family background, was born in India and started life as a miniaturist painter with royal connections. Whilst living in India in

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Albert Du Mesnildot, French Born 1922 died 1990

Born in Parne-sur-Roc in the Mayenne in 1922, studied at the Beaux Arts in Paris, he was influenced by Professor Jeudon. He was inspired by the down and outs of Paris (les clochards) the style is very distinctive, his wife Claudine

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Eileen Bell Born 1907 died 2005

Eileen Bell at her Suffolk cottage 1988   A St. Johns Wood School and London group painter who studied with John Minton and Michael Ayrton amongst others of her day. A true English expressionist with great charm and style. Bell has

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Michael Gibbison born 1937

A working plumber, discovered by the Leicestershire art collector Guy Dixon Q.C. in the 70s-80s was a man with Northumbrian and Irish connections. A born romantic, leading a simple life perhaps is the perfect condition for an artist to capture the

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Rafael Monzo Born 1952

Monzó was born in Sitges near Barcelona in 1952 Monzó a catalan artist who studied under professor Ramon Sanvinsens, and professor Teresa LLacer from the Ecole de San George Barcelona. His work has been equated with Joaquim Mir, the artists that

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Katharine Church, the painter. Born 1910 died 1999

A Cranborne Chase group Artist, with Bloomsbury connections and a wide group of artist and writer friends. John Piper said of her in 1988, I have known Katharine Church for fifty years, firstly as a fellow visitor to the painter Ivon

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Carlos Nadal Part 2: Works on Paper – “Inspirations”

Tillington Press is pleased to announce that John Duncalfe is preparing a new book :- Carlos Nadal Part 2: Works on Paper – “Inspirations” This new publication follows the most successful 2010 book “Carlos Nadal: An English Perspective”, which is now

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Messums Catalogue

Foreword for the Carlos nadal exhibition at Messums Fine Art, 8 Cork street London W1 – 11 jan 2011

Petite Format Proposals

Tillington Press are proposing a series of petty format books for the following artists.  Rafael Monz’o Katharine Church Eileen Bell Albert DuMesnildot Moila Powell Tillington Press would be pleased to receive information regarding all artists for possible inclusion in future publications.